Mile End - soundtrack out 15th April

Mile End - soundtrack out 15th April

The soundtrack album for Mile End will be released on Saturday 15th April, on Ffin Records.


The soundtrack for the film features pianist (and wife!) Bethan Scolding, and violinist Minn Majoe. It won Best Feature Film Score at the International Music + Sound Awards and is published by Warner Music's W Songs. 

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Mile End

The film will be released in the UK on the same day, exclusively on Flix Premiere, then on Friday 28th April in the USA

You know that old runner’s trick? You see something in the distance - a building, a tree. You tell yourself you’re only going to run to that point. But when you get there, you don’t stop. You keep running.

Mile End is a critically acclaimed psychological thriller created by Graham Higgins. The film won BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE at 7th New York City Independent Film Festival, BEST FILM at Melbourne Independent Film Festival, GRAND PRIZE at 22nd San Antonio Film Festival and BEST SCREENPLAY Sydney Independent Film Festival.


Acclaim for the soundtrack

“Mile End (reflects) a growing discomfort between Londoners and their financial emperors... P.s. the music by Ed Scolding is absolutely brilliant…” — CRISPY SHARP

“The score, by Ed Scolding, moves from harmony to discord, adding considerably to the tension and sense of foreboding. Elsewhere, percussive elements draw us in to Paul’s obsession and anxiety.” — QUADRAPHEME

“The actors’ performance is matched by the score, which deftly conveys all that remains unspoken and sets the perfect mood for this twisted tale.” — RAINDANCE FILM FESTIVAL

“Anna Valdez-Hank’s pristine camerawork, Ed Scolding’s subtle atmospheric score and the enigmatic character called John… keep things ticking over tensely during the film’s 101 minute running time.” — FILMUFORIA