Gestalt Arts opera production of Adrift

Gestalt Arts opera production of Adrift

I've been blown away by the imagination and commitment of everyone involved in the first fully staged production of my opera work, Adrift, which sets a powerful libretto by Shaun Gardiner. It was great to work with director Ruth Mariner-Willow, music director William Cole, and singers Maud Millar and Ollie Brignal with soprano Grace Nyandoro.

We had some great reviews, too - see below.

Here's the original recording (before this production):

And photos of the Gestalt production:

All photos by Andreas Grieger

“Every note seems, excuse the cliché, to ring chills in Adrift, with touching composition that brings out emotion in the captured audience. A raw, authentic creation from start to finish...”
Nefarious Magazine - read the whole review.

“My gosh was (Gestalt's) debut production beautiful... the best came last: Adrift.”
Francesca Wickers, Fringe Opera - read the whole review.

“A pleasing harmonious score, occasionally undercut with sinister minimalism. Protagonists Maud Miller and Oliver Brignall expressively convey the sad verbatim tale of migrants in 2011 who perished whilst traversing the sea... it was this duo with whom I was fixated, as their powerful voices collided, filling the chapel with a thrilling finale”
Rebecca Morris, Exeunt Magazine - read the whole review.

★★★★☆ “the anguish and despair of the couple came across very clearly. Ventures like Gestalt Arts... give composers the opportunity to find their feet and try something new... it is places like this that we should look for tomorrow's mainstream.”
Hilary Glover, Planet Hugill - read the whole review.

“A show where the future of English Opera is clear... Adrift, a piece about being left to die at sea, I felt was the best assembled show. Not only did the performers (Maud Miller as Woman and Oliver Brignall as Man) have wonderful voices... they also portrayed the emotion beautifully and projected not just the singing but also the words well.”
Katy Proctor, Everything Theatre - read the whole review.