Adopt a Composer

I'm 4 months into my work with La Nova Singers, getting to know the group and writing a new piece for them as part of the Adopt a Composer scheme run by Making Music in partnership with Sound and Music, in association with BBC Radio 3, and funded by the PRS For Music Foundation and the Philip and Dorothy Green Trust.

Six composers and six amateur music groups have been chosen for the scheme this year, and paired by the organisers. I have been paired with La Nova Singers, mentored by Fraser Trainer. So far in the project I've attended a rehearsal with La Nova Singers, spent a Saturday morning workshop with them exploring new ideas and material, and have just sent sketches for a workshop next week. Composers in the project have also had a training day for running creative music workshops, led by Fraser Trainer and Colin Riley, and all participants and representatives from the supporting organisations attended the launch day in September.

It's great to be part of a project with such an effective level of support throughout, with really relevant, useful training attached, and with proper time to get to know the musicians and to try things out. I'm really enjoying working with La Nova Singers - they're very inspiring in their ambition and achievement, with a really beautiful sound and a good sense of humour!

Christchurch Priory, image by JackPeasePhotography

Christchurch Priory, image by JackPeasePhotography

The performance of the new work will take place at 7.30pm on Saturday 16th July at Christchurch Priory, a beautiful 11th century cathedral-like church near Bournemouth. The concert will be recorded by BBC Radio 3 for later broadcast. Find out more at La Nova Singers concerts page.