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Collaborative / cross-arts works: Opera | Dance | Theatre | Installation 

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•  Collaborative / cross-arts works  •


Adrift (2012) 

7 minutes
Text: Shaun Gardiner (English)
Instrumentation: Soprano and tenor soloists, accordian, viola and cello, OR Soprano and tenor soloists, accordian, cello, synths and sounds.
First performance: produced by Gestalt Arts at the Asylum, directed by Ruth Mariner-Willow, music director William Cole, with singers Maud Millar, Ollie Brignal and Grace Nyandoro. See production photos.

Every note seems, excuse the cliché, to ring chills in Adrift, with touching composition that brings out emotion in the captured audience. A raw, authentic creation from start to finish...
— Nefarious Magazine
★★★★☆ the anguish and despair of the couple came across very clearly. Ventures like Gestalt Arts... give composers the opportunity to find their feet and try something new... it is places like this that we should look for tomorrow’s mainstream.
— Hilary Glover, Planet Hugill
My gosh was (Gestalt’s) debut production beautiful... the best came last: Adrift.
— Francesca Wickers, Fringe Opera
A pleasing harmonious score, occasionally undercut with sinister minimalism. Protagonists Maud Miller and Oliver Brignall expressively convey the sad verbatim tale of migrants in 2011 who perished whilst traversing the sea... it was this duo with whom I was fixated, as their powerful voices collided, filling the chapel with a thrilling finale
— Rebecca Morris, Exeunt Magazine
A show where the future of English Opera is clear... Adrift, a piece about being left to die at sea, I felt was the best assembled show. Not only did the performers (Maud Miller as Woman and Oliver Brignall as Man) have wonderful voices... they also portrayed the emotion beautifully and projected not just the singing but also the words well.
— Katy Proctor, Everything Theatre


Not being Charles Frieth (2009) 

6 minutes     watch on youtube 
Text: Bethan James (English) 
Instrumentation: Tenor, flute, clarinet, horn, violin, cello; alternative version with piano accompaniment (2008) 
First performance: (Version with ensemble accompaniment) 25/11/09 at David Josefowitz Recital Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London by Julian Forbes (tnr), Samantha Pearce (fl), Anna Hashimoto (cl), Chris Beagles (hn), Nathaniel Anderson-Frank (vln), Diana Golden (vc), cond. Jonathan Mann; (Version with piano accompaniment) 9/11/08 Bute Theatre, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff by Music Theatre Wales: Gareth Lloyd (tnr) David Seaman (pno) cond. Michael Rafferty


BRUT (2014) 
3 minutes     watch on youtube 
Film made in collaboration with Peter Groom, based on my concert piece Air Unfolds. Funded by RPS / Ideastap.

Wisp (2011) 
3 minutes     watch on youtube
Collaboration with Third Stage Dance

Splintered Frames (2010) 
6 minutes     watch on youtube 
Collaboration with choreographer Amy Watson
Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, harp
First performance: 16/5/10 at Roehampton University, London by Harry Winstanley (flute), Max Welford (clarinet) and Mary Reid (harp)


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A Midsummer Night's Dream (2013) 
Settings from A Midsummer Night's Dream for live performance as part of the production by Blackheath Youth Theatre, directed by Simon Geal.

Freak (2013) 
Original music for the first production of Freak, written and directed by Anna Jordan and produced by Theatre 503 and Without A Paddle Theatre at Theatre 503, Battersea, London.

Box-fresh and Untitled (2012) 
Sound design and original music for productions as part of the Identity Drama School winter showcase series, at The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton, London.

Mine (2012) 
Music for productions by Capital Theatre and Progress Theatre of the play by Polly Teale.


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Bird Jolt (2014) 
5 minutes     watch on youtube 
Animation and live music, created in collaboration with animator Carolina Aguirre for performance 42 feet underground, inside the Brunnel Tunnel Shaft, Rotherhithe - a huge circular space once leading underneath the Thames. The work was projected across a super-widescreen stretch of the curved grimy brick wall with 10 musicians performing the score live. 
Commissioned by ANIMA as part of the Mechanika project.

Art and Music Matter (2013) 
Soundscape incorporating spoken quotes about music and art education, projected in a 7-channel surround system as part of an immersive installation for The Conservatoire, Blackheath.


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•  Concert Works  •


Thrown (2014) 
6 minutes   
Instrumentation: chamber orchestra:
First performance: 20/2/14 at Dora Stoutzker Hall, Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff by Sinfonia Newydd, cond. James Southall. Commissioned by Sinfonia Newydd.

Ed Scolding’s Thrown, an engaging piece based on echo delays
— Wales Arts Review
Ed Scolding’s piece, Thrown, was ingenious, with clever use of dominant tonal centres providing stability under tricky rhythms.
— Wales Online


Undercurrent (2012) 
9 minutes  
Instrumentation: orchestra: 2(afl)+pic.3.3(Eb,bfl).3(cb)/3+pic.3(pic).2+btbn.1/timp.2perc(mba,vib)/hp/str
Workshop performance: 22/9/11 at Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London by Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, cond. Christopher Austin

Torque (2011) 
7 minutes
Instrumentation: symphonic brass:
First performance: 4/2/10 at Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London by Royal Academy of Music Symphonic Brass, cond. James Watson

Copperweight (2010)
6 minutes
Instrumentation: orchestra: 3(picc).3.3(bcl).3/4.3(pic).2+btbn.1/timp.2perc(mba,vib)/hp/str
First performance: 12/3/10 at Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London by Royal Academy of Music Symphony Orchestra, cond. Christopher Austin

Tree (2006)
9 minutes
Instrumentation: orchestra: 1+pic.2.2.2/4.3.2+btbn.1/timp.2perc/hp/cel/str
First workshop performance: 22/5/07 at BBC Llandaff, Cardiff by BBC National Orchestra of Wales cond. Jac van Steen

Dark-room Shavings (2005)
5 minutes
Instrumentation: orchestra: 2(pic,afl).2.2.2/
First workshop performance: 17/2/06 at BBC Llandaff, Cardiff by BBC National Orchestra of Wales cond. Jac van Steen

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Inhabiting Sky (2015) 
4 minutes
Instrumentation: Soprano, harp, clarinet, double bass. 
First performance: 20/6/15 at Lovescapes: A Musical Exhibition, Crypt on the Green, St James Clerkenwell, by The Hermes Experiment.

Black Sea (2014) 
6 minutes
Instrumentation: Soprano, harp, clarinet, double bass. 
First performance: 5/6/14 at Nonclassical, London by The Hermes Experiment. Commissioned by The Hermes Experiment and supported by funding from the PRS Foundation / Bliss Trust.

The Sickness of Angels (2011) 
7 minutes     watch on youtube 
Instrumentation: SATB (one singer per part) 
First performance: 27/6/11 at Duke's Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London by Exaudi cond. James Weeks

Lost Love (3 songs) (2010) 
5 minutes
Instrumentation: High voice and piano
First performance: 10/5/10 in the Norfolk & Norwich Festival at Assembly House, Norwich by Julian Forbes (tnr) and Christoper White (pno)

...three pieces specially written by Ed Scolding provided a succinct, witty and apt conclusion to the programme.
— Norwich Evening News

Snowfall (2006) 
6 minutes
Instrumentation: Mezzo-soprano, oboe, violin, cello and harp
First performance: 25/6/08 at St Magnus Festival, Orkney by Alison Wells (mez-sop), Julian West (ob), Jackie Shave (vln), Robert Irvine (vc) and Gabriella Dall'olio (hp)

Visions through translucent time (2008) 
15 minutes
Instrumentation: Mezzo-soprano, baritone, alto flute, bass clarinet, horn, percussion, harp, 2 violins, viola, cello and double bass. 
First performance: 6/5/08 at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff by Martha McLorinan (mez-sop), Tom Coltman (bari), Lucy Beveridge (afl), Tom Jackson (bcl), Geraldine Charles (hn), Mike Rose (perc), Lowri Morgan (hp), Jessica Bray, Vieda Mercer (vln), Rachel Stacy (vla), Jimmy Ottley (vc), Dave Guy (db) cond. Ed Scolding

Two Voices (2007) 
13 minutes
Instrumentation: Soprano, alto, SATB choir, 2 violins, 2 violas, 2 cellos, double bass. 
First performance:10/12/07 at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff by students, cond. Ed Scolding

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...open above me... (2014) 
Instrumentation: solo piano
First performance: 1/6/14 at Rolf Hind's Occupy The Pianos festival at St. John's Smith Square, by Robin Green.


Drawing (2013) 
4 minutes
Instrumentation: 1 percussion (toms, bongos, opera gong) 
First performance: 16/11/14 at Nonclassical Pioneers of Percussion festival, The Macbeth, Hoxton, London, by Tom Lee.

Enjoyable and well-crafted... subtle and polished
— Bachtrack


Air Unfolds (2013) 
3 minutes     watch on youtube 
Instrumentation: 2 piccolos, 4 flutes, 2 alto flutes
First performance: 17/10/13 at the Chapel, King's College London by Ayre Flutes. Commissioned by Ayre Flutes.


Dapple (2013) 
2 minutes    
Instrumentation: saxophone quartet
First performance: 21/4/15 at The Forge, Camden, London by the Laefer Quartet.

Lift (2013) 
4 minutes    
Instrumentation: 2 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns, 2 bassoons, or string ensemble.
First performance: 31/7/13 at Monmouth Music Festival by the Monmouth Festival Wind Dectet, conducted by Chris Petrie. Commissioned by Monmouth Music Festival.


Breath (2012) 
5 minutes
Instrumentation: oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and piano

Hazes (2011) 
7 minutes     watch on youtube 
Instrumentation: harp
First performance: 17/9/11 at Cardiff Music Festival by Anne Denholm (harp). Commissioned with support from the PRS for Music Foundation.

Silent Ribbon (2011) 
1 minute      watch on youtube 
Instrumentation: flute, bass clarinet, trumpet, cello, violin and piano
First performance: 16/9/11 at David Josefowitz Recital Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London.

Dust in Sun Rays (2011) 
10 minutes      watch on youtube 
Instrumentation: flute and harp
First performance: 8/4/11 at David Josefowitz Recital Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London, by the Manson Ensemble: Lu Du (flute), Jimin Lee (Harp)

Wisp (2010) 
3 minutes      
Instrumentation: violin and live electronics
First performance: 3/6/10 at nonclassical at Horse & Groom, London by Aisha Orazbayeva (violin), Ed Scolding (electronics)

White Air of Winter (2010) 
5 minutes     
Instrumentation: piccolo, flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet in Bb, trumpet in C, 2 percussion
First performance: 16/4/10 at Southbank Centre, London by members of London Sinfonietta with the Manson Ensemble

Melting Continents (2009) 
9 minutes    watch on youtube 
Instrumentation: piano
First performance: 28/11/09 at Park Lane Group Young Composers' Symposium, Southbank Centre, London by Nika Shirocorad (piano)

Distressed Passacaglia (2009) 
7 minutes
Instrumentation: open score for approximately 20 or more players
First performance: 2/3/10 at David Josefowitz Recital Hall, Royal Academy of Music, London by CoMA London, cond. Gregory Rose

Blue and Gold (2007) 
6 minutes
Instrumentation: clarinet and tenor horn
First performance: 18/10/07 at National Museum Cardiff, by Graham Jones (clarinet) and Lee Drew (tenor horn)

Glacial Source (2006) 
6 minutes
Instrumentation: piano
First performance: 15/3/07 at Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff by Bethan James

Pixel Ballet (2006) 
3 minutes
Instrumentation: piano and tape
First performance: 2/11/06 at Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff by Rachel Starritt

Different Seas (2005) 
7 minutes
Instrumentation: flute, clarinet, piano, cello

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